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Cambridge, the home to the world renowned University of Cambridge is a town with rich educational and cultural heritage. Over the years, people of many faiths have made Cambridge their home. People who follow Hinduism are growing and few initiatives have been in place to enhance their activities in Cambridge, and generally in Cambridgeshire County. The university runs a Hindu Cultural Society and way back in 2005, the local Hindus started fundraising to build a shrine at Bharat Bhavan Indian cultural centre, where Hindus and Hare Krishna groups conduct worship. However, there is a need to advance the activities related to Hinduism in Cambridgeshire. A group of like-minded people who have been conducting regular bhajans and prayers have come up with an idea to float a HinduSamajam in Cambridge. This Samajam will form a platform to bring people of Hinduism together and take part in the various activities as envisaged below.


The objective of the Cambridge Hindu Samajam is to enhance the Hindu religious, spiritual, cultural and social activities in the Cambridgeshire.


Regular Satsangs: Regular conduction of satsang in the form of yoga, meditation, japa, chanting, bhajans, prayers and discourses will be a key part of the samajam’s activities. Currently, such satsangs are organized among a small group of people in and around Cambridgeshire. This takes place in one of group members’ house on the first Saturday of every month.

Bhagavat Gita/Spiritual Classes: Regular Bhagavat Gita classes for the people of Cambridgeshire will be organized by the samajam. This will be done by inviting teachers and experts in conducting such classes. Similar classes on other religious texts like the Mahabharata, Ramayana, Bhagavatam, Vedas and Upanishads will also be undertaken. This activity will require regular networking with spiritual organizations like Sri Ramakrishna Mutt to bring in teachers to conduct such classes.

Children/Youngster’s Spiritual Programmes: The samajam will organize spiritual programmes for children and youngsters to improve their knowledge on Hinduism and spirituality. This will help the growing generation to keep in touch with their roots and religion. One of the proposed activities is a one day yoga/spiritual camp comprising of yoga, meditation, bhajan, spiritual games for children and youngsters in the Cambridge area. Regular training in traditional music (eg.carnatic vocals and instruments) and dance (eg.bharatanatyam) will also be organized by the samajam.

Charitable Services: The samajam will undertake various charitable services for people in need, poverty, distress and sickness. These might include taking up fund raising campaigns for programmes in India and other developing countries. Offering volunteering services to similar programmes in the Cambridgeshire is also on the agenda.

Festivals/Celebrations: Programmes to celebrate important Hindu festivals and auspicious occasions like Vishu, Onam, Deepavali and Shivaratiri will be undertaken by the samajam.Cultural programmes like dance and music will also form a part of this activity.

Pilgrimages: The samajam will organize for pilgrimages to be undertaken to various temples and religious destinations in and around UK. One of the suggested places of visit is the Skanda Vale Ashram in Wales.


Camrbdige Hindu Samaj

Camrbdige Hindu Samaj
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